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Explore Corfu Island with Autorent!

About Corfu

Thinking of traveling to Corfu for an island getaway? Then you will be surely excited by the memorable places of this place, which belongs to the Ionian Islands to the west of Greece. On Corfu you will meet happy locals and splendid environment while from certain areas you will be amazed with the spectacular views to the sea and the surrounding scenery.

The most popular option to get to those places of Corfu and discover them is by car, which you can find with autorent Corfu. There are plenty of must-visit spots on Corfu, like cultural sites, historic areas and great beaches. Moreover, the island’s town center is filled with museums, mansions and magnificent churches worth exploring.

The natural environment of Corfu is also a gem, featuring wetlands, forests, rocky formations and walking paths, which are worth-visiting any time of the year and make it nearly impossible to take a bad photograph while on the island.