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About us

If you are looking for a reliable car rental partner on Corfu island, it would be a pleasure to offer our services.

Autorent Corfu constitutes our brand new and independent car rental company on Corfu, whose board of directors and employees have gained extensive experience on the car rental market and tourism sector in general.

Located very close to the International Airport of Corfu, our company offers a large fleet of small and large cars, from mini and economy cars to family cars and minivans.

Our priority is offering top and reliable car rental services to our customers at the best prices

An integral part of our company’s strategy is offering flexible work arrangements, 24/7 services so that we can provide our customers with carefree moments during their holidays along with flexible rental programs at the most competitive rates.

Our customers’ reviews and ratings are indicative of their satisfaction, showing that they trust that we can offer them the best services.

Why Autorent

There are many reasons why autorent ranks among top car rental companies on the island of Corfu. We aim to offer high-quality services at the best prices and focus on delivering you desired car rentals without any delays. We can also assure you that you receive the best car rental services and extra benefits from local experts with extensive experience on the car rentals market.

Delivering at different locations, almost everywhere on the island of Corfu and offering shuttle services for free from/to the airport of Corfu, you can enjoy your trip and the comfort of private transportation. Finally, our large fleet of vehicles, consisting of various types of small and large cars, offers nothing but quality and safety with reliable engines and luxury when it comes to renting larger vehicles, like Jeeps/SUVs and minivans.

Send a message Should you have any questions, contact us by sending a message through the following contact form or through phone and email.

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